Requirements to broadcast live through SEC 9 LIVE?

You’ll need the following:

  • a Stream URL & Streamkey provided by SEC9.
  • a computer capable of live streaming
  • a steady internet connection
  • streaming software.
  • a webcam & audio card

Software to use

There are lots of different types of streaming software that can be used to stream live on SEC9 LIVE. We recommend Open Broadcast Software (OBS) as it’s free and easy to get set up.

To download OBS Studio go here and choose the version that’s right for your device.

Other broadcast software that can be used:

How do I connect my stream on SEC9 Live?

Once you’ve chosen your broadcasting software and received your Stream URL and Streamkey , you’ll want to connect it to SEC9 Live.


Now your stream and settings are set up and connected to SEC9 Live all you need to do is click the Start Streaming button on OBS Studio