Live Video & Streaming Specialists

We innovate. New technology, fresh ideas and the courage to do things differently.

Sector 9 Studio Production Limited is your one stop solution for your Live Video Production needs, taking it from onsite to online.

We use the latest in video and broadcasting technology to tell the best version of your story with fresh ideas and the courage to do things differently. We have experience in creating an exciting, yet smooth live atmosphere for your business’s events, conferences and presentations. We’ve featured multiple virtual concerts, comedy shows, and many other events, some which we have even produced ourselves. In addition to our Online Streaming Service we also offer on-site live video production where handle of all your audio and visual needs. We can stream to unlimited destinations: to your personal website, mobile apps or to any social media platform. We host our live streams through both our websites, and our very own SEC 9 Live Streaming app which is available on the Apple Store and Playstore. SEC9 Live can be accessed from any part of the world. We were the first, and currently the leading Streaming platform in the country of Belize.

We Care and we treat every project like its our own.